Well, what do you know, it's December 1st! And I'm back! As you very well know, I’ve been absent for a while. I’m not going to get into that now, but I sat down in late October and just thought why not? Why not do Blogmas? And ever since I’ve been scribbling down what I’ll … Continue reading IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE // Blogmas #1


My Top 5 Style Icons!

Fashion was the main reason for my starting a blog, and somehow it has a complete lack of. But anyway, it's never too late, right? I doubt I'll be getting up pictures of myself and my own outfits any time soon (thank the lack of photographer, but also the complete lack of self confidence for that one), however I decided a few little snippets of my style wouldn't go a miss. I've chosen five women, fictional and real, who's style inspires me in different aspects of my life. You will see the list is a little all over the place, but honestly so is my wardrobe and (with the exception of the price tags on some of these outfits) I feel like this gives a pretty good representation of whats going on behind those mirrored doors...