Thursday Thought #6

So if you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I wasn't going to post one of these tonight, but I decided I to take a look through the quotes I already had made up and this one jumped out at me (mostly for the bad spacing of the text, but the quote is pretty … Continue reading Thursday Thought #6


Thursday Thought #5

I'll be first to admit it, I have a tendency to overreact. I'm great at drama, and holding a grudge is probably high up there in my top ten skills.Now, that's not to say I like that part of myself or channel it often (believe me, it has the potential to happen a lot more … Continue reading Thursday Thought #5

Thursday Thought #1

When I was in New York in the summer I bought myself one of New York University’s academic diaries and above the Thursday section of every week there’s an ‘inspirational quote’. I always read them but I never actually pay attention or take what they say into consideration. As a way to reflect on both my life and these ideas I have decided to share my opinion on these quotes by doing these ‘Thursday Thoughts’...