5 Ways to Beat January Blues!

For some reason January blues have it me harder this year than any other. It might be the shock of going back to university after six weeks of doing absolutely nothing (highly regrettable I might add, 10/10 do not recommend leaving your coursework until last minute) or the fact that I haven’t been able to get a heat in my bones since the taxi home on New Years, but I’ve started off my the year feeling less than my usual self- which is not how I wish the year to go on. So while I might be extremely late, I’m going to beat the January blues while I  still can.

#1 Exercise!

Cue the eye-rolls. I know, it’s that thing everyone says they’re going to do, then never actually does. I haven’t been to the gym in January. In fact, since I got my membership back in September I’ve been a while eight times- shout out to PureGym for letting me know. You’re allowed to tell me it’s pathetic, because it is and it’ll probably do the world of good for me to hear it. But alas, I have decided that February is another new start and it will be the month where I get my shit together. I’m making a schedule, planning it around my uni hours and even my hair washing days- no excuses this time. It’s going to do me so much goof- there are literally no negatives to exercise, so why not go at it full force? I say full force, but my plan is three times a week… you’ve gotta keep it manageable.

#2 Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to!

Last year I had so much going on, I had been around Italy, passed my driving test, tripped to Paris, turned eighteen, left high school and had prom and left for Greece all within the first six months. You can read all about my highlights here, but it’s fair to say that in comparison this year was looking extraordinarily meh. A couple of weeks ago I got a random Sunday off from work, the first in a long time, so I got to enjoy a nice chilled brunch with my family where the subject of holidays was brought up. My parents are following my lead and heading to Berlin in April, and my brother goes to Greece with his friends in June, and I was feeling pretty down about being the only one with no travel plans. Long story short, two hours later we were all booked up for one last family trip to New York. A seven night stay at The Empire (can you tell I was left in charge? Chuck Bass, where you at?) is enough to get any girl through the second semester. Always start your year with something to get you through it, however small or large.


This is my favourite photo from last time I was there (taken on Snapchat so not the best quality but the Freedom Tower wasn’t even finished when this shot was taken).

#3 Suss Out Your Savings

I’ve blown a lot of money already this year, I’m not going to lie. The Zara sale has been it’s usual evil temptation and I am ashamed to say I have been weak on one or more occasions. Like I said, I haven’t really been feeling myself thus far and new clothes certainly do make you feel a lot better. Anyway, that mentality has left me a little rooked (is that Scottish slang or do yous understand what I’m getting at?). The good thing is that from now until my birthday, I’m fully booked with uni five days a week and then working both Saturdays and Sundays, so I really shouldn’t have much opportunity to spend, which gives me a couple of months to get back on track with my savings. Right now, I’m aiming to put away £20 a week, which should- by next January- mean that I have £1,000 to put towards something exciting for 2018. As well as that, I’m saving up all my odds and ends for a little extra pocket money. You can read my top five tips for saving money here.


#4 Make Sure You’re Socialising 

This either completely contradicts the point I just made about being busy all the time or emphasises it. Christmas is probably one of the most social times of the year, if not the most. From works nights out, university balls, to friends and family gatherings it felt like I was constantly with people. So to go from that to mostly just seeing friends in passing can be quite lonely. And cold and lonely is not a good January combination at all. Do even though I’m totally overwhelmed with todo lists, I’m going to try and make an effort to prioritise socialising- and no, texting doesn’t count.

#5 Get Outside 

I know you’re thinking ‘all this girl has done is moan about the cold and now she’s off outside’ and I know, it’s freezing out- and some days it’s even below- but believe it or not, there can be something extremely refreshing about a nice cold, crisp morning as long as you’re wearing enough layers. I usually get my fix of this walking from bus stop to building, and from building to bus stop, which admittedly is more of an uphill battle than the casual stroll I’m looking for. I’m also usually always alone on these walks, not only because I’m so unfit and usually too out of breath to speak anyway, but the fresh air is just about enough to clear a busy head.


And there you have it, you can now combat the January blues before it turns to February and it becomes a real rut.



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