16 Moments That Made 2016!

One of my favourite bloggers Megan Ellaby did one of these, and to be totally blunt, I decided to steal it. Yesterday I rounded up my year in my journal, the good and the bad, and it was a long process. There was a lot of it I wouldn’t want to share on here, or with anyone for that matter, so I wasn’t keen on doing a post like this- however, I think this is a super cute, concise way of picking out the highlights without rambling on (look how I’ve failed at that already…).

ONE I don’t remember getting up to much in January, so I’m going to kick this off in February and keep it going in chronological order. In February my friends and I embarked on the second half of our Italian exchange and I got to check another country off the list. This was my first time in Italy and it was so special getting to explore it with so many old friends, and so many new. In a week we managed to see Pisa, Venice and Florence and also go to school with our Italian twins, I made cakes and pastries in an family run bakery, and basically just made so many memories. If your school runs anything like this, I’d highly suggest you put yourself forward for it.

TWO I have a horrible suspicion I’m missing so much out but next I’m moving to March 7th- the day I passed my driving test. If you’ve read my driving post that I did recently, you’ll know that driving hasn’t really come all that naturally to me. However, it has given me so much more freedom to go and do as I please. I’m not 100% there, I still freak out when I have to go on the motorway, and I hold my breath as I pull out on a busy roundabout but I’m reassuring myself that it’s normal- for being in charge of something that could potentially kill people I’d say I’m doing a good job.

THREE I passed my driving test just in time for my 18th birthday, and if you’ve been here a while you’ll know I spent my birthday this year in Disneyland! I won’t go into too much detail, you can read my post about it here. None of my friends were 18 already when my birthday came around, so a lot of typical 18th celebrations went out the window, so I asked nicely and my parents agreed to let me throw it back to my childhood. Dancing with Mickey Mouse in front of a restaurant full of people on my 18th birthday was definitely a highlight, however embarrassing

FOUR When we got back from Paris my mum threw me a little get together in the house, just as an excuse to get everyone in the same place at the same time with plenty of alcohol really. For some reason, we decided it was a good idea to have it outdoors (I don’t know why, we live in Scotland) and my dad built a bar out of palettes and we set up a smores station and basically it all just looked really cute… until it rained. The second disaster didn’t come until later in the night, when everyone was a little worse for wear but all I can say is don’t set your disposable barbecues on a table made out of wooden palettes, it will result in fire. Anyway, I can’t speak for everyone, but I had a great night. It was nice having everyone I love in the same place for once, the endless supply of marshmallows was also a bonus.

FIVE The birthday treats kept coming as I received four unconditionals for university. I know, I don’t look it in that photo, but I can be pretty smart when I need to be. I had my pick of universities and some pretty proud parents. Soon after, I made my choice I confirmed my place at Strathclyde University.

SIX Moving on to University clearly meant that I had to leave high school, probably the most bitter sweet moments of 2016. The friends I have now, I have no doubt that I will have forever, so that really wasn’t the concern- it just felt like the end of an era, but I was entirely ready for a new one. Like I said, bittersweet. Our school have this event where the sixth years organise a week worth of charity events towards the end of the year, and our year left with a bang, raising over £5000 for Alzheimer Scotland. And we looked good in our leavers hoodies…


SEVENTH And one month later we had out big reunion- it was Prom time. The ultimate way to kick off the summer. I had been prepared with my dress almost a year before, finding a Vera Wang (would you believe that luck?) in TK Maxx for £70- I’ve never felt more like Blair Waldorf in my entire life. Despite the actual prom part being a bit of a let down, our slideshow not working, and having to make a very impromptu speech, I had a really fun night and I wish I had more excuses to look as elegant as I felt that night.

Also I don’t know why I keep posting photos where I’m making horrendous faces but hey ho, lets keep going with the longest post ever- almost halfway there.

EIGHT Time for the first holiday sans parents. Probably the last time I go on sun and alcohol party, because my goodness was I dead when I got home. We went to Zante in Greece for 10 days of 50 cent shots. 10/10 would recommend, 10/10 would take painkillers. There was foam partes, paint parties, boat parties… and please note that while that photo was taken outside A&E, there wasn’t any horrible casualties.

NINE And we had the traveling bug in us indeed after this booking up for Berlin not even a week before we jetted off. I’ll keep this one super short because I posted while we were there, so you can see my day by day of what we got up to in Berlin here. But what I will say is that this is such a beautiful city, and I’d love to go back again. It’s also super cheap if you’re on a budget.

TEN And how are we here already, I’m into semester two of my first year at uni. It’s literally insane how quick time goes, especially when you’re constantly busy. I did a University First Impressions post, my thoughts have somewhat changed now, I’m a lot more settled in than I was at the time of writing this post. There’s a few reasons for this, one I’ll get into right now…

ELEVEN I actually made friends! I really hope they don’t read this and think I’m a massive weirdo but this was such a huge worry for me going to University. I feel like if you’re moving out you’re guaranteed to at least make acquaintances but I was so concerned that living at home was going to mean that I had a very lonely university experience, to the point where I was considering moving away (which I am so glad I never by the way). However, I have a group of friends who have this full experience so much more bearable, and I honestly don’t think I would’ve made it through without them.

Congratulations if you’re still here, I appreciate your loyalty- and your attention span. I think I might need to call it quits before sixteen… lets just hope its not as big a fail as Blogmas.

TWELVE Since I’m making up the numbers, Halloween can get an honourable mention. I’m not one for being up late, my friends call me a gimp (I guarantee no one will know what that means) but I follow the How I met Your Mother rule of nothing good happens after 2am– and so far I haven’t proven it wrong. Anyway, halloween was one of those nights where I was only out for a few hours and in bed by midnight. I mean I still got a extremely awful hangover, but I made it to work the next morning with no regrets (apart from the amount of face paint I had on), so win win really. A fail in the respect that I have no socially acceptable photos though, you’re going to have to take my word for it.

THIRTEEN I’m going to move on to early December now, a holiday that probably doesn’t need much explaining as it’s my last post before this one. My Iceland Trip had a disastrous start, but I did so many things in Iceland that I’ll probably never do again. I’m pretty sure I’m in a minority of people who can say they’ve seen the northern lights (albeit from a plane window) or have quad biked up some mountains. It was a trip packed with activities, and if your budget allows definitely make the trip, even if its just a stop over for the Blue Lagoon, one word… heaven.

FOURTEEN I’m not going to talk about one in particular, but with this being my first year as an 18 year old, Christmas nights out definitely made a big impact for the end of 2016. I got classy with my uni friends for the Business ball, and then deflated when I heard the price of a vodka (£9 for a vodka on a students budget? Not going to happen). Then I overcompensated with pre drinks for my works night out and ended up not being able to use my knife and fork like a functioning human being, I ate a lot of bread that night. There was a couple more, and then it was Christmas.

FIFTEEN Christmas in my house isn’t quite the event that it used to be, there’s no one left to believe in Santa Claus, everyone is getting older and presents are definitely quality over quantity. Not that that’s a bad thing by any means. It just means that the magic fizzles out very quickly, there’s not as many new toys to play with and everyone wants to nap after dinner. My Christmas presents were definitely a highlight, I got spoiled as per usual, but boxing day is where its at for me really. There was more controversy this year over any I remember regarding boxing day shopping, but its became somewhat a tradition for our family, my mum and I especially. We travel down to Liverpool on boxing day to go to the Cheshire Oaks Outlet Mall, basically because it has the best deals of any. Where else can you get a trench coat from All Saints for £52. That’s right, nowhere. The coat itself could be number 16.

SIXTEEN We made it! This ones more of a general observation/2017 resolution than a highlight of 2016, so maybe I’ve cheated a little. This year has been the first year I haven’t been totally reliant on a school uniform, which has been interesting. I’ve had to use fashion as a first impression more this year than I have any other. It’s reminded me how much I love it, and made me realise that my personal style isn’t reflected in the clothes I wear on a day to day basis.Well, they weren’t back in September- I’d like to think it’s seen some improvement. 2017 is going to be the year of personal style. I’m going to stop being frugal and wear clothes I like as opposed to the clothes that were cheapest. Fashion was the reason I started this blog, and somehow it’s never featured.

I had such a fantastic year, but I can honestly say I’m 100% ready to turn my back on 2016, and as cliche as it may sound I’m going into 2017 as a new person with an entirely new outlook on life. Really, I mean it. I’ve said it every other year, but this years its happening.

If you’re still here, thanks for reading… I realise that I lied when I said I wasn’t going to ramble, but a little white lie never hurt anyone. I hope you’re as excited for a new start as I am.




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