5 Things I Hate About December

On an entirely different note from yesterday’s post, I decided to follow up with the five things I detest about the festive season. I’ll jump straight in…

1. Shopping!

I am a shopper. A huge shopper. And not a huge online shopper. I like nothing more than spending a good Friday dotting in and out of shops, changing rooms, queuing to pay- genuinely I do. Shopping is an experience for me, not just ten minutes on ASOS or whatever. I bet you can guess what does not make this experience so pleasant? Angry Christmas shoppers. The ones the skip the queues, huff and puff while they barge past you laden with bags, the ones that moan to floor workers when what their looking for is out of stock, or they don’t have the right size. Christmas shopping should be a fun part of the festive season, not a task from the devil, ok? Today I had to pick up some contact lenses and ended up in a queue just to get into the car park! That is reason number one why I will always be an early bird with gifts, and avoid setting foot in a store in December.

2. Christmas Music! 

This isn’t as bahumbug as it sounds, and I guarantee you’ll agree. There aren’t that many Christmas songs to go around! You have Mariah Carey, Mariah Carey Extra Festive, throw in a couple classics and a bit of Michael Buble and that seems to be the playlist playing everywhere. On a loop. Driving you stir crazy as you try to go about your daily life. Christmas tunes should be kept exclusive to the week before, unless played through headphones, for everyone’s own personal safety.

3. The Pressure!

I really like gift giving- but I’m terrible at it. If it wasn’t for my mum hurrying me along, I’d never make a decision and everyone would get the dreaded gift card (which personally I’m quite a fan of, I’m very picky…). There’s just so much pressure on you to get the right thing, something they’ll love but don’t already have, that’s practical but not boring, and that isn’t notes stuffed into a card. I get so paranoid that it’ll be a total waste of money and I’ll never be able to please them… I’m a freak, I know. Don’t even get me started on Secret Santa.


This isn’t exclusive to December, but fall into winter is the worst time for my sense of smell. Pumpkin spice lattes, gingerbread men here there and everywhere, mulled wine, spiced apple cider, Christmas spice candles… I can’t go anywhere without being bombarded with the potent stench of the end of the year. There’s only so much home baking (minus any cinnamon, etc.) that can mask it. Bring back the flowers and the fresh cut grass please.

5. Christmas Cards!

And finally, Christmas cards. What an outdated waste of paper. Literally the stupidest thing in the world. Every year I get stuck writing them for my family, and every year they sit in a pile on the sideboard, most not making it to their recipients. Do I really care if the couple two doors down formally write that they wish us a merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year? No. Will I still smile when I pass them on the street? Sure. I’m sorry to any neighbours reading this, but your card ends up in a pile and that pile ends up in the bin. That is all.

And there we have it, a slightly more cynical view of the festive season… it’ll get cheerier from here, I promise!


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