5 Things I Love About December

I was originally going to do five things I love about the festive season, but considering the change that occurred at midnight on November 30th, I assume the entirety of December is the festive season! So let’s get to it…

1. The Christmas Lights! 

I don’t know about where you live, but over the past few years where I come from, they have gradually been changing the bulbs in all the street lights to more ‘energy efficient’ ones. Which is great, I’m a huge believer in everyone doing their bit for the environment, but these bulbs are so dark. I’m not kidding, unless you’re standing directly underneath them, they might as well be inexistent. The previous warm glow has been replaced with an eerie blue tinge, and I am not a fan! The one time this corrects itself? December! Our light switch on usually happens some time in the last week of November, meaning that for the month of December I can see more than two steps ahead of myself when walking through my estate in the early hours of the morning trying to get to the bus stop, or when if I’ve had a bit too much to drink coming home from a night out. The glow from the Christmas lights just makes things prettier, and much more inviting.

2. The Crisp Mornings!

Back to that walk to the bus stop- or rather sprint because I’m always running late. It’s nice to not get a sweat on when practicing your power walking before having to sit next to a complete stranger for an hour or so. I love the cold, crisp mornings, the crunchy leaves beneath your boots, seeing your breath, being bundled up in your winter coat- big fan. This picture from my Instagram is a prime example.

3. Vlogmas! 

I’m not all that keen on what could be termed the ‘main channel video’ on YouTube, I do however love a god Vlog. They’re just something I love to have on in the background, whatever I’m doing. So I am very glad that in December I am not in short supply!  My favourite vloggers right now are Jess, Rhiannon and Helen– they’re all completely different but so fun to watch. And obviously a cheeky Zoella number always pops in there too (you’re lying if you say you don’t watch her).

4. The Culture!

Glasgow is such a diverse place and I feel like this is never as apparent as it is at Christmas time. Everyone is out in full force, whether it be tourists, Christmas shoppers, even locals have a certain spirit. I feel like the atmosphere is times one thousand during the festive period, especially the closer you get to George Square. The Christmas market is so diverse (well usually, can’t say I’ve properly been this year), where else can you get ready made currywurst, kangaroo and 1000 cheeses all within walking distance or a carousel and a helter scelter? I imagine the answer is any other Christmas market in the world, but there’s something about being in Glasgow for the other eleven months of the year, and then being there in December that makes the whole thing seem so much more special. Basically, I’m just a sucker for currywurst, ok?

5. No Uni! 

I’ve kept this one until last, because admittedly, this is a one year only thing… next year I imagine my stress levels will be through the roof at this point, but this year I am officially off of uni for the month of December- no deadlines, no exams, no classes… I’ve officially survived semester one, and boy is it magical! This is partly the reason why Blogmas is a thing, I’m not allowing myself to waste this time off being bored, because this will be my last December of freedom for a very long time.

And there you have it, top five things I’m loving about this December! What’s your favourite? I didn’t mention the actual holiday of Christmas, because I feel like that’s a given, but tell me, what’s your favourite thing about this time of year?


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