Packing for a Winter Break

So if you seen my post yesterday, you will know that in a couple of days I will be jetting off to Iceland. This is my fifth trip this year, so I’ve gotten pretty good at packing a case, however its easy to pack your summer essentials into a tiny carry on, but big woolly jumpers and snow boots? Not so much. Winter clothes take up so much space, which you’ll know if you’re living somewhere with a colder climate this time of year, I have parkas coming from all directions. And trying to pack for somewhere even colder with limited space prove to be quite challenging.

I’d say the key is under layers- you can re-wear the bulkier stuff to your hearts content- as long as you’re wearing the right stuff underneath. I invested in some good thermal tops and bottoms, when I say invested I got them from Primark, but they’re cute and their stuffs cheaper than most. Anyway, this means that they’ll soak up any sweat (since I will be doing some pretty physical activities, I know… ew) while still keeping me warm, and keeping my outer layers clean.

For my outer layers, I’m taking three huge turtle necks, traveling in one and packing two. The two I’m packing are both my dad’s from who knows how many years ago. They’d look ridiculous on him because of how baggy they are but I think they look quite cool on me, lets call them retro. They’re super bulky, and take up most of the room in my case, but the good thing is, they don’t crease. So, all I did was fold the arms in and roll them up as tight as I could- think sleeping bags.


And enter my super cool gif, don’t you just love technology?

I then shoved all my thermals in the left over space in that half of the case, and by shoved I mean shoved. They’re going underneath things so it doesn’t really matter how creased they get either.

I put my snow boots in the other half. Now, before you all click the link to them and cackle at how uncool I am, let me explain myself. Yes, they are Crocs. Yes, I do realise I’ve just lost all the street cred I’ve managed to build up. But, they were two thirds off… and they’re cosy. I swear they’ll be the last pair I ever own.

These boots were stuffed with my underwear going in, and then I stuffed socks and swimsuits in every other crevice they created. I popped two pairs of leggings on top, a gym pair, with the assumption that they’ll dry quicker if they get wet, and a normal cotton pair, which are slightly nicer.Then I just popped my hat (also a hand-me-down from my dad) and gloves on top.

We’re doing a night time flight so that I had time to get to the airport after work, so I threw my pyjamas on top as they’ll more than likely be the first thing I’m reaching for. In the pockets on the other side I’ve got some sweet treats. Iceland is super expensive, so I’ve packed some cereal bars so that I don’t have to run out and buy something every time I get hungry (which is typically every hour on the hour) and I also popped some hot chocolate in there, because I don’t drink tea or coffee, which is usually all that’s provided in the room, and I feel like if there is one place you’re going to crave a hot drink- it’ll be there. Then I just have the essentials, like hair ties and chargers.

I’m not going to be taking any make-up, just because I feel like the weather is going to be hard enough on my skin without me covering it in product, so all that will really be in my liquids bag is my deodorant and a good moisturizer. Other than that, I think I’m packed.

Cases are one thing I get super nosey about, I don’t know why but ‘pack with me’ videos are a key staple on my YouTube recommended page, so I thought I’d give it a go. Let me know if you liked it, and I’ll see you tomorrow… boy, it’s weird saying that.



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