My Top 5 Style Icons!

Fashion was the main reason for my starting a blog, and somehow it has a complete lack of. But anyway, it’s never too late, right? I doubt I’ll be getting up pictures of myself and my own outfits any time soon (thank the lack of photographer, but also the complete lack of self confidence for that one), however I decided a few little snippets of my style wouldn’t go a miss. I’ve chosen five women, fictional and real, who’s style inspires me in different aspects of my life. You will see the list is a little all over the place, but honestly so is my wardrobe and (with the exception of the price tags on some of these outfits) I feel like this gives a pretty good representation of whats going on behind those mirrored doors.

You should note, these are in no particular wardrobe.

First up we have Betty Suarez. You might be thinking hell no, don’t worry, I get it. Of all the characters in Ugly Betty, Betty’s style probably isn’t the one you’d want to replicate most. In a world of high fashion, shes the chip in the red sole of the Louboutin, lets be real. There were certainly far more fashionable characters in the show to aspire to, all hail Amanda and Wilhelmina. However, she did begin to flourish towards the end of the series, I mean, that blue blazer? Pretty chic if you ask me.

Back to the point… It’s not her fashion that got her on this list, but her quirky drive to dress for herself. Is there anything cuter? She knew she didn’t fit in, but she done it anyway. That to me is fashion at its finest.

Could you really rhyme off style icons without giving the goddess that is Blair Waldorf a mention? For me Blair is the epitome of class, elegance and poise, and basically just everything I want to be in life. Far superior to Serena, sorry girls. I had physically stop myself from saving more and more photos because with every shot I saved my envy just sky rocketed. There are a lot of looks missing here, her prom look and wedding looks for both Louis and Chuck were obviously staples to her character and I hope her headband collection got passed down to someone worthy.

For my generation I think Blair Waldorf’s style will be something that remains iconic for a long time. Although they were on trend when the seasons aired, I feel as though her looks are timeless.

Speaking of timeless, we have the queen of the 90s, Rachel Green. 90s fashion is something I’ve really taken to recently, which is strange for me as I’m usually not one for mainstream trends. However, I’ve been wearing the slip dress over the plain white tee, the a-line denim skirt, the pinafore, and believe me, if I suited dungarees, you bet there would be a pair in my wardrobe right now.

I’ve definitely focused mostly on the signature 90s pieces in these photos, but Rachel was obviously on point for the rest of the seasons. I mean that green ‘we were on a break’ coat? Who could possibly break up with someone wearing that? Tragic.

Not more tragic though than the death of Gwen Stacey. A lot of these looks were from Emma Stone were during The Amazing Spiderman promotion tours, so clearly that era was my favourite in her fashion evolution. I remember watching Fashion Police when I first seen the striped Chloé outfit she wore in Sydney, and I fell in love. Everything about this was perfect, from the cheesy grin to the yellow pumps, and it really sky rocketed a love for her style, and I must say, of all celebrities Emma Stone wins life in my eyes.

Much like Blair (but obviously this time in real life), I’m blown away by her ability to be able to wear anything, and that’s one of the things I love so much about her. She’s probably my biggest inspiration in the way that she can go from being so edgy and masculine to so pretty and graceful in a split second, and this is something I really try to replicate in my own style.

Someone else who likes to cross the line of masculinity with style is Kourtney Kardashian (you really didn’t think I could get through this whole post without one Kardashian, did you?). Of all the sisters, I feel like Kourt’s style is the easiest to replicate in everyday life. She, again like Emma Stone, can completely transform her style and that versatility is what attracts to someones fashions the most.

While I love Kendall’s street style, and Kim’s red carpet style is flawless the majority of the time, I feel as though Kourtney has more of the girl next door vibe that those two lose out on. She’s not crazy curvy and she’s not six feet tall, so a lot of the time I can picture myself in her looks. She’s the perfect combination of all her sisters, and that makes her stand out in her own right.

And there you have, my list is complete. I’m sure there are a million more I could talk about, and this time next year they’ll probably be completely different (except Blair, in my mind she’s never going out of style) but this is who I’m channeling right now, or trying to anyway…



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