Thursday Thought #5


I’ll be first to admit it, I have a tendency to overreact. I’m great at drama, and holding a grudge is probably high up there in my top ten skills.Now, that’s not to say I like that part of myself or channel it often (believe me, it has the potential to happen a lot more than it does), but it’s just what growing up to Gossip Girl has left me with. I’m someone who definitely cannot hide reactions either. If I’m pissed at you you’ll know about it. If I’m jealous, surprised, intimidated- you guessed right, you’re gonna know.

I really don’t know what else to say about this one, I just really liked the quote, but how you take it all depends on your personality. For example, I’m a mess receiving criticism (not a great personality trait for a blogger but, hey ho) and to me constructive criticism doesn’t really exist to me. If you call me out and embarrass me, there’s a high chance I’ll never be able to face you again. I’m not someone who can take what people say lightly, but I know there must be a tonne of other people out there like me- I can’t be the only one.

But even on the contrary, I’m not great at taking compliments particularly well either, not that that’s something I have to deal with all too often. I guess any observation about my person is greeted with the same reaction… none. I don’t like to give away my feelings all that often, unless like I said before, my face just can’t hide it, and if you have been at the receiving end of an emotion filled rant from me then you should consider yourself lucky- I trusted you.

I know what this quote is getting at, and I know it has nothing to do with me crying if someone tells me my eyebrows aren’t on fleek. It’s about how sometimes your greatest failure can be your greatest success, about taking the hardships in life and turning them into something positive. Now, if anyone is teaching a class on that, feel free to sign me up.



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