Thursday Thought #4

That which grows fast withers as rapidly...

“That which grows fast withers as rapidly. That which grows slowly endures.” J.G. Holland

Thursday Thoughts are making a comeback. In my most recent post I talked about how I’d strayed away from my original plan for this blog and over the last couple of weeks I’ve decided to go back to basics and bring back Thursday Thoughts- albeit with a new design, which I am very much in favour of. I’ve sourced fifty-two quotes from online, enough to wait out an entire year of thoughtfulness.

So on to the reason we’re all here- the quote. For some reason it was this one I was drawn to first over the fifty-one others, and it seemed to spark the best internal conversation, so I ran with it. The only context I can seem to this into regards success. Now I don’t know if that says more about my personal state of mind, or if it’s meant to be taken this way, but obviously everyone should strive for a certain amount of success- its not healthy to be too unambitious.

I feel like the Kardashian’s have to be spoken about here. I know their fame sparks a lot of controversy as even my own opinions on the matter contradict each other. A lot of people chose to believe that it was in fact her sex tape which made Kim Kardashian, soon followed by the rest of her ‘klan’ (ignore my trying to be cool here, but sense my resistance to say ‘kool’ and keep this going all day), famous. They forget the fact that before Ray J was on the scene Kim spent a lot of days as a closet organiser to C-list celebs, followed by celebrity styling and endless embarassing cameos on Paris Hilton’s- the first born to wealth, famous for nothing, reality tv star- own TV show. Sure, the sex tape rocketed her career in ways that being Hilton’s “maid” never could, but do we really think she would not have gotten to where she is now eventually? Albeit with a few less seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s under her belt, which really wouldn’t harm anyone but the E! Network.

She’s smart, business orientated, and well… hot. How many other celebrities have put a sex tape out there and instead had it kill their career? Now, I’m not saying I agree with the sex tape, but if you’re gonna do it- do it right, which she sure as hell did. It takes a lot of skill to be able to grow, what I can only call a pop culture empire, from something which was inevitably made for PornHub.

To get back to my point in regards to the quote- had that sex tape been her only, shall we say, accomplishment then there is no way she would still be pop culture Queen this late in the day. And if there’s anyone out there who still believes the sex tape to be her greatest feat, then maybe its time you take a leap out of her book. You can’t deny that she does in fact have talent. This may be a bit of a sweeping statement considering the public opinion of her but I believe her business skills are something to be admired, no matter what your career path.

I suppose this approach is very helpful in blogging, and maybe that is why I chose this quote first. Any future post I publish could be my sex tape, something that grabs the medias attention and sky rockets my very own career. But how long does that last? Page views go up for a week and then they slow back down again. Slow and steady wins the race.



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