Vinyl Collection

In my household music has always been a massive contributor, from my point of view anyway. We’ve housed instruments, a large CD collection, more iPods over the years than we probably needed but the most recent fad has been the record collection. In truth, it’s my dads record collection, which probably started when he was my age and has since grown into the hundreds, closer to the thousands now probably. I have however had my own say in some of the more recent purchases, and below are some of my favourite records. May I add, these are in no particular order.

Sia – 1000 Forms of Fear
Favourite Track – Free The Animal

Sam Smith – In The Lonely Hour 
Favourite Track – I’m Not The Only One

Imagine Dragons – Smoke and Mirrors 
Favourite Track – Friction

Florence & The Machine – Ceremonials
Favourite Track – No Light, No Light

Florence & The Machine – How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
Favourite Track – Delilah

Haim – Days Are Gone
Favourite Track – The Wire

Lorde – Pure Heroine
Favourite Track – Ribs

Hozier – Hozier 
Favourite Track – Work Song

Ellie Goulding – Delirium 
Favourite Track – Holding On For Life

Years and Years – Communion
Favourite Track – King

Adele – 19
Favourite Track – Chasing Pavements

Adele – 21
Favourite Track – Rumour Has It

Adele – 25
Favourite Track – Water Under The Bridge  

These are just a snippet of the ones I have, Ed Sheeran’s albums also feature heavily however they are not preferred over these beauties. I have a wishlist of albums I’d like to add but the one downside to vinyls is that they’re way more expensive than a monthly Spotify subscription, so I’ll stick to streaming for a while.

Holly xo


2 thoughts on “Vinyl Collection

  1. Munachi says:

    Florence + The Machine!! I’ve recently fallen in love with Florence Welch because of How Big How Blue How Beautiful. Her previous albums were of absolutely no interest to me when they were released, but her newest (and new-ish… it has been a while, I know) album has changed my entire perspective. My biggest music regret within the past 12 months is not seeing her on tour when she performed in the city I live in. Also, Days Are Gone and Pure Heroine and mainstays in my summer playlist 🙂


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    • humblehollywood says:

      I saw her HBHBHB tour in Glasgow and it was amazing! I’ve loved her since she first came about but I agree her newest album is by far the best! Pure Heroine played three times over for me last night and I was nowhere near sick of it, can’t wait until Lorde releases another album! Holly xo


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