2016 Summer Checklist

I really intended to do this post before my summer started but in all honesty, summer crept up on me this year and I was entirely unprepared. Summer in Scotland is incredibly temperamental and its unknown whether we’ll even get one until you wake up one morning and its twenty odd degrees (Celsius that is, not Fahrenheit, I’ll give global warming a few more years to get that cold), and even then, by that afternoon it could be three. My point is, some years are just one big long extended January. So when I finished school a month early this year, due to it being my final one, I sort of had a month worth of anticipating the summer slash anticipating disappointment.

However, everyone’s prayers paid off and would you believe it, we got a good two weeks of actual sunshine. I sadly worked through most of it (but happily paid off my summer holiday), then tanned, while consuming a questionable amount of alcohol, through the rest of it- because what else is there to do?

In hindsight, there’s a lot else I could have been doing.

I’ll go into details on the things that I have so far managed to cross off my list, and then later in the summer months I can delve into those I have yet to complete.

1. Prom

Because this was my final year of school, I had prom to kick off my summer. For one night of your life, a lot of preparation was required. I can only put the good weather down to good Karma, and this thankfully meant I did not have to worry about the endless list of things that could go wrong with a spray tan. I had been prepared with my dress almost a year before, finding a Vera Wang (would you believe that luck?) in TK Maxx for £70, a smidgen of the cost of some girls- and can I just add, I’ve never felt more like Blair Waldorf in my entire life. Shoes and bag were a matching set, Carvela for Kurt Geiger, and were bought at the outlet store on boxing day- I hope the word bargain is sitting quite prominently in your head right now. The necklace I got on ASOS and, in comparison to the other items I wore, seems pretty expensive but as my statement accessory I thought it was worth it for £32, as my earrings came out at only £8. Despite my hoping to keep this blog anonymous, I will refrain from being the world’s biggest tease and post pictures (not necessarily great ones, as they were taken by my mum in a hurry to leave the house… they’re not edited because I’m not even sure that would save the, but they are pictures nonetheless).

I did my own make up, and my nails and hair were done on the day by my usual hairdresser/miracle worker, because if you didn’t know, my hair is currently chin length with and undercut…. Not the best to work with. The reasons for doing my own make up were simply that I really didn’t want to pay a lot of money for someone to do it- I’m cheap, I know. But surprisingly, despite me not being particularly great, I don’t regret it and in my opinion it turned out alright. If you don’t think so then you can refrain from telling me otherwise, it’s too late now and quite frankly I don’t give a shit.

The night itself was good, the dinner was good, our speech went well, we danced, and there was certainly vodka flowing, so all went well. It felt sad to know that this would most likely be the last time we would ever all be in the same place together- not including the after party.

2. Holiday

Not long after was holiday time, which I only got back from a few days ago, slightly more tanned than I left. This was the first holiday I booked, paid for all on my own. First time I’d been in a foreign country without any sort of supervision, instead I was lead passenger, wholly responsible.

It was a girls holiday, me and seven others- you can imagine what we were doing, so I won’t go into a play by play of what we done ever day or go into the high points, or the low points. Instead I’ll talk about the location instead… (this is mostly so I won’t run the risk of potentially insulting anyone, lol).

We chose to go to Zante, Greece. It’s popular among people my age, the 18-30 age range (although a there were a lot of guys who were way out of this zone, I just have to put it out there). We stayed two minutes from the beach and two minutes from the strip. There were boat parties, paint parties, foam parties… you name it, we done it- with the exception of the White Party which had been commonly nicknamed the sh*te party and came in at the steep price of forty euros, take what you want from that. It was hot, there was free food and drink (well, not really because I payed for all inclusive, but it felt free), what more can you ask for? It’s a little soon to be reflection on it as a whole to be honest, I can still feel the cheap vodka burning in my throat, maybe I’ll go more in depth later on but there really isn’t much to elaborate on.

Now moving on to the stuff I’ve yet to conquer; the stuff that isn’t so set in stone…

3. Life Declutter

This summer is quite a strange time in my life, although it happens to everyone. I’m at that point right now where I’ve accumulated all this crap from high school that I need gone so that I can accumulate even more new crap from uni. I have clear outs pretty regularly so I really don’t have that much stuff, with the exception of clothes which I have by the ton, but my life feels cluttered, so my head feels cluttered. And I’m hoping one massive clear out will sort everything else out.

4. Room Re-Do

To go with the declutter. There is nothing wrong with my room, I got it done just over two years ago, it’s Paris themed, white walls, white floor, white furniture, purple accents. It’s cute, I like it. But for a space I need to study and work in, it’s so not motivating. While it’s not exactly childish, its a bit girly for me. I need something simpler that gives me a space to work and a space to relax, and that’s what I’m planning right now. I’m going to have to save up for a while because I really want to do it properly and make sure its something I can keep until I move out (scary thought, lets end this here).

5. Little Adventures

My friends would probably kill me right now for being so cringey, but its true, I love the little adventures, I love doing things I’ve never done before, and quite frankly I don’t do enough of it. Museums, bike rides, random walks, train rides to nowhere… it’s all on my doorstep. I just need to come to terms with the fact that there won’t always be someone willing to go through these experiences with me, I need to be alright doing all this on my own. Binge watching One Tree Hill from my bed doesn’t quite have the same long lasting effects.

6. Save 1K


This is the last thing I’m going to mention. I always end up taking extra shifts during summer, and the time that I don’t end up spending in work, I end up spending in shops. So this year I’ve set myself the goal of saving up £1000, which I thought was going to be admittedly harder than it is so far, although who knows whats going to pop up between now and September 12th- which, by the way, is the deadline I’ve given myself, as well as the day I begin university.

As of now I have nothing else planned for the summer; prom and Zante were the only two things that I had set in stone, other than that its a free for all. Where I live, there isn’t much to do, and the things that can be done often rely on good weather, which like I’ve said, isn’t often. I usually end up wasting my summer, but I’m telling myself not this year… but lets face it, how likely is that?

How about you guys? Any plans, undoubtedly better than mine?

Holly xo


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