Zara Sale Haul!

Anyone who knows me knows my love of Zara, and I’d estimate a good 60% of my wardrobe came from the sales at some point. I don’t shop at Zara outwith sale time; partly because it’s too expensive and I’m too poor, but also because I know that if I hold out a couple of months I can get it for half the price. Waiting might seem stupid but I already have so many items from there that I never actually need the things I pick up in store, and it also confirms my want for it if I’m still excited to receive it a few weeks later. Anyway, my point was that because I don’t buy things out of sale season I tend to save up and go a little bit crazy.

Usually I’d wait a couple of extra weeks and get in about the further reductions, but I go on holiday in a couple of days and I didn’t want to miss out so I put in quite a big order. I bought eight items and the final cost was £86, which might seem a lot but the quality of the stuff I got for that price is insane.

I’ll start off with my favourite thing that I bought, the Jacquard Patched Bomber Jacket. I had had my eye on this bomber for a little while, but I felt like because it is quite a staple piece, I really couldn’t have a lot of different outfit options with it. I’d probably have to stick to jeans and a white tee, so I didn’t want to pay full price for something that I couldn’t wear again and again.

Anyway, you can find the bomber here. It was originally £29.99, which to be honest isn’t that bad to begin with. I got it for £12.99, and within a couple of days it has come down to £9.99. The price for this is crazy considering the detail. The material itself is ribbed and makes it a really good lightweight jacket, without being way too warm. The red is super bright and is a great contrast against the black, and although it is quite a masculine piece, the embroidery in the back is so pretty and well executed. The only thing I would say about this piece though is that it does seem to run a little large, I ordered a medium as I always do and it sits a bit bigger than I would like, but you can wear these baggy and it looks pretty cool so it really is not a big deal. However if you want it to be quite tight fitting, I’d advise getting a size down.

The second thing to enter my basket was the T-Shirt With Slits. As someone with quite a large chest, I really appreciate the fir of Zara tee’s and they’re always really flattering on me (well, in my opinion anyway, and I’m wearing one as I write this). So I was drawn to this slightly dressier one.

It seems a little more suited to the winter months now that I have it as the different toned specks of colour make it look more like a jumper than a t-shirt, but I’ll still totally wear it. They also make this in white which may look a but more summery, so in hindsight I should have maybe got that one for now but hey ho. I’d say this item is true to size, and its only downfall is the bra situation because of the placement of the slits. This was origionally £15.99 and I got it for £9.99. This is one of those items that I would have usually waited to go down in price again before I bought it, but I’ve never actually seen it in store so I did not want to chance missing out.

I always seem to encounter the length issue with Zara’s jeans. I have quite short legs, so buying their jeans is always such a waste on me because I have to end up cutting off a good few inches from the ends which then means that after a few wears they completely loose their shape. However, I was so sure I had cracked it when buying these Essential Fits Jeans which they advertise as having a cropped leg.

I ordered two pairs of these, one in a dark wash and one in a medium wash and the thing that really interested me was the frayed hem on the bottom, which just adds a little something different. I’m a sucker for detail. Unfortunately they were still a bit long on me, which really tells you how tiny my legs are in comparison to the rest of my body. But, because they are supposed to finish just above the ankle, it meas they are super skinny all the way down my legs, instead of becoming quite baggy towards the ankle. Because of this, I’ve decided to keep the dark wash pair for the winter and they will be great for tucking into boots. I’ll be taking back the light pair though as they are basically like every other pair I own as they are also too long. So if you have short legs then I really do advise keeping your distance from Zara jeans, but if you’re interested then I picked these up for £12.99 and they retail for £19.99.

Next I just ordered a super simple black crop top. I wouldn’t wear one of these normally, because like I’ve said before I’m quite large chested and frankly they just don’t suit my body type, however they are great for underneath things so for £3.99 its a good thing to have lying around.

This one is crepe material and sort of distressed around the hem, so all in all super stretchy and comfortable. A lot of my shirts and stuff are quite sheer so this will be quite good and inconspicuous to throw underneath. They also have it in red and white if you’re interested, and I ordered it in the size up just so it wasn’t too tight, which worked a treat.

Finally, clothing wise, I have the biggest disappointment of all. I’d looked at this dress before and could just never be bothered trying it on. It’s the Dress With Front Frill which should be super cute and super flattering, but just isn’t…

To be honest, you can’t ask for much for the price – it was originally £9.99 and down to £7.99 – but it just doesn’t fit at all. I feel like I’ve spoken about my chest size far too often in this post but that was a major flaw in this design. When I seen it I thought the dress would allow me to wear this cut without drawing attention to this area, basically I thought the frill would be a distraction; but this is clearly made for flat chested girls to give the illusion of a larger chest as opposed to what I was looking for. Because the dress went out at the chest, it stayed really baggy around my stomach area, but then clung to my butt and thighs. All in all it was just really unflattering and didn’t suit me at all, which is annoying but this is why a good returns policy is important.

Shoes now. The first pair is a pair of ankle boots which I know will be quite controversial. I got these Elasticated High Heel Ankle Boots in the metallic silver colour because, why not?

img_2231I’m on the fence with these, they’ll either be something I wear all the time or something I never pick up but they are a really good boot for the price so I’m hoping they’ll become a bit of a statement piece in the autumn time.  I think these might’ve been kept from the winter sale, because the retail price says £17.99, but that still seems super inexpensive. I got them for £12.99 and they’re not £9.99, so if you’re a little bit eclectic with your style then I’d say these are a must, and they have them in a burgundy too if you’re not too adventurous.

And the final part of my haul are these gorgeous High Heel Strappy Sandals which tragically do not fit. These were part of the basic collection which means they retailed quite cheap anyway at £19.99, but for £12.99 they were a total steal.


There far too big for me, to the point that even with the ankle straps I could potentially walk out of them. I’d definitely advise a size down.

And that’s it for this Zara haul, once I’m back from my holiday I’ll probably hit up the tail end of the sale and get the real bargains, so if you’d like to see another let me know. And if you’re planning a trip to the store or an order yourself then you can let me know about your purchases on Twitter (@humblehollywood) or tag me on Instagram (@humblehollywood).

Holly xo


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