The Bullet Journal for Normal Human Beings 

For those of you who don’t know, the Bullet Journal is a concept that envelops all aspects of life organization. To explain it further than that, to anyone who hasn’t had a previous explanation, gets pretty complicated. I’ll link the official website here which can hopefully cover everything I don’t (and will probably make a whole lot more sense anyway).

As a person who swears by a to-do list, I took to this concept pretty easily. I previously had a collection of notebooks, which have now (for the most part) been condensed into this one format. What’s great about the Bullet Journal system is that it can be completely customized to your needs. For example, I used to have a notebook for my expenses, a notebook for my overall to do lists, a notebook for my daily to do lists and I had most recently started one exclusively for Humble Hollywood in the hope that it would make me more active- this was alongside my journal and my planner. Somehow, with the exception of my journal which I like to keep separate, I have turned six books into one.
I first stumbled across this method on my YouTube recommended page, after I don’t know how many hours watching who knows what. At first I didn’t like the concept, having everything all in one place just seemed too much for me. I thought the best organization came with having everything separate. And then after watching a few I decided it was too much effort as the owners were going in depth into typefaces and banners and stickers and washi tape. However, by that point my creative side was intrigued . I decided to take it back to the original idea and checked out the webpage. Turns out, you don’t need to be an artist to keep it going. It can be as simple or as creative as you want it to be, and it really shouldn’t look like anyone else’s anyway because it should cater to your own needs. They recommend a Key, an Index, Monthly Spreads and Daily Spreads  I decided to skip the index (mostly because I couldn’t be bothered putting one in) but if you buy the official book it comes with one steady laid out. I also decided to skip the monthly, which I now recognize as a bad choice and will be adding in for this month. Instead I went straight in with my to-do lists, set up my key and got started with the  dailies. I went with the recommended Key for the most part, but since I wasn’t using the recommended journal (which is graph or dotted paper, by the way- I went with lined because I had a lined journal lying around) I had to draw my own boxes, and therefore had to come up with different ways of filling them. I did this all at the beginning before I actually started my dailies, whereas in hindsight I should have waited until I was into my dailies to start filling these out because half of them I do not even use. However, to keep it completely simple for myself, I gave each day a colour and each of my pass times a colour, this way I don’t have to spend time making my writing look presentable.

For the task colours I assigned, I created a map of my day, 1-12 and 1-12 again- simple. If I don’t schedule time for procrastination then I won’t procrastinate, or at least that was the plan. I cant say it has worked incredibly well but on the days where I’m feeling a little more motivated then it definitely helps to have my day planned out ahead of time so I don’t end up wasting time figuring out what to do. In my dailies I also track my water intake, I used to use an app for this, which worked well but I just thought while I was condensing things I might as well pop that in too (plus I needed the storage on my phone…).And that’s basically it. I’m still pretty new to this whole process and I’m assuming that throughout time it’ll change format and include different things but for now I’m liking the simplicity of everything. As a side note: not every day looks like the one above, that was a particularly good day for me, most days have a lot of empty boxes.

Holly xo



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