Thursday Thought #3

TT 3

Isaac Newton has to understand that in this day in age, it’s a hard feat not to make enemies, whatever you are doing.

There are two routes to making a point. First you have the rational one, the one that does not offend but succeeds in being understood. The second is understood and taken badly. In society these days, a lot of the time it is taken badly. I would not say there is any ‘tact’ or skill to it or whatever one may think, it all depends on your audience and your phrasing- which now that I’m saying it, may be tact in itself.

Each person is different so there is no way to determine how a situation is going to go, which was demonstrated to us all by Donald Trump’s actions in this past week (however, I think we all knew where that was going as soon as he opened his mouth anyway). I think distinguishing someone’s personal opinions before you set out in proving your point is definitely something that should be taken into consideration. For example, I am not going to walk into a room of people I’ve just met and start voicing my opinion on whatever or whoever without finding out where they stand first, more importantly I would not be doing it in front of an entire nation. Heck, I probably would not even be the first to throw in my two scents with my friends… but I guess that’s just me.

Having a knack for this kind of social interaction on any scale, from debates to general conversation, is guaranteed to come in handy at some point. You cannot go through life without voicing an opinion, but likewise, you cannot alienate people by constantly throwing out your thoughts.

Side note, that’s pretty ironic because it’s basically what I do here every Thursday. Ha.

Anyway, I think it boils down to the fact that you’re not trying to overrule their opinion- or say that yours is superior for that matter- but rather offer up an alternative way of thinking. Without doing this, you are going to struggle to hold a friendship with anyone unless they are severely ready to be walked all over.

This is definitely an aspect of my life that I have to work on. I was once told after speaking to a bunch of parents as a representative of my school that I spoke very harshly, and I guess I am quite loud and it could be taken the wrong way. I do not often from opinions on anything political or anything (unless it is so obviously stupid as the point mentioned above) as I do like to remain team Switzerland as some might say, and I’m not going to lie and pretend that I know where that phrase comes from because I don’t, but when I do form opinions- especially of people- I can’t say I share them in a gracious manor. I’m judgmental in the way that everyone is, unless you are some sort of saint, and I don’t claim not to be. It’s just a trait I need to work on.

Thank you Isaac Newton for introducing me to this form of ‘tact’, and I’m sure I will keep it in mind.

Holly xo


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