Thursday Thought #2

TT 2 (2)

My generation struggles with living in the moment, I think. In our brains a moment is not truly lived without it being captured in a Snapchat story or an Instagram post. Unless someone gives it their approval- a thumbs up, a like, etc. – then it is just another wasted day.

I’m guilty of it definitely. Time with my friends is spent taking selfies and recording embarrassing memories. I find it quite a difficult part of my life to describe though because in a way I’m thankful for it, all these wonderful photos and videos catalogued for me to scroll through and reminisce, but at the same time I miss the innocence of not worrying how many chins you have when you lie down to watch a movie.

And before you start, I’m not that self-centred. I am not one to be constantly pouting or sucking in my stomach, but it does put a bit of a damper on your night when you have to act ‘cool’ every time the little white Snapchat ghost is shoved in your face.
I really do not know with this one- have social media fronts replaced genuine enjoyment?

I would like to see a situation- especially with my friends- where there were no smartphones, no tablets, no nothing. All forms of social media left at the door… Would it work? I have a friend (and if any of my friends read this they will know exactly who I’m talking about so please don’t rat me out- although, I’m not expecting it) who is seriously addicted to texting and just generally all things to do with her phone. I took it off her one night and I stayed firm on not revealing its whereabouts until the end of the night. I thought that would force her to be more social, to talk to the people in front of her instead of the ones behind the screen, but instead she spent the full night talking about how she did not have her phone and how desperate she was to get it back.

My plan obviously failed, which leaves me thinking, how did we get to this point? It is an overwhelming addiction. How does one come so far in society and then not be able to spend a single night with all of their best friends unless they’re letting other people, less significant in their lives than the ones in front of them, know how good a time they are having.

I swear, the genuine enjoyment of life is sizzling away as our iPhones overheat with notifications. How upsetting.

Holly xo


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