The Spanish Sunshine

I’m sorry, I chose the wrong time to start this blog; however there is a good reason for my not being able to upload… I’ve been on holiday!

I was fortunate enough to have a friend invite me away with her and her family. We travelled to the south of Spain to what seemed like the very small area of Nerja (which I managed to pronounce wrong for the full lead up and the majority of the time I was there; apparently it’s Ner-ha). Despite a very shaky start involving us crashing the rental car, we found our villa. Like most of these holiday homes, the interior wasn’t up to much and involved a lot of blues and yellows. But, it didn’t need to be because we had our own pool and ocean and mountain views. Although the hills looked more like valleys considering how high up our villa was situated. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

We even had our own little orchard opposite the house. I didn’t venture in too far because insects were a serious problem but from what I saw it could have been doing with a little watering but with lack of a hose there was nothing much I could do. Most of the shrubs were dried out but there were the occasional few which had some fruit growing- needless to say though, I did not eat any.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I think these were oranges...

I’d say that Nerja is not for those among us who like a party- unless you’re over the age of fifty- but if you’re looking for a quiet place with some great scenery and great cocktails then you’re in. Nerja is the place to be.

Considering we’re pretty late into October, the weather was great. Hitting the high twenties most days with only a couple of rainy patches, which was enough for my pale Scottish limbs to get sunburned. My legs looked like lobsters for the first few days no matter how much sunscreen I put on but I was soon acclimatised.

I was blaming the beach breeze for fooling me into thinking that I wasn’t sizzling… although we did manage to find a little beach with hardly any breeze at all. If you look down from the Balcon De Europa (let’s keep our fingers crossed that I’ve spelled that one right), you’ll see it- a tiny cove with a couple of little fishing boats and some loungers for hire. There are a few like this. In fact, if you’re feeling adventurous- which I was- you can climb a few rocks and jump from one cove to the next. And a major plus side, the water was incredibly clear because it was a shingle beach and not sand. It did mean that if it was wavy you left with a couple of stones in your bikini but it was generally okay- a good exfoliator if you ask me. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The Balcony itself was great, with endless rows of bars and restaurants which were surprisingly cheap. There was a hotel right on the edge which was beautiful and hosted two or three weddings alone in the week that we were there which meant great people watching which is one of my favourite pass times on holiday.

We had a stroke of luck which resulted in us being there during the Feria de Nerja.
I’m not going to lie, I don’t know what it celebrates but because of it there was great entertainment. There were locals dressed up in traditional Spanish dresses with flowers in their hair, choirs of old ladies clapping and singing and horses everywhere. There were also fireworks displays most nights which I’m pretty sure would have been visible throughout the whole of Nerja. Unfortunately I didn’t see them- after travelling so much they went on way past my bedtime.

2015-10-15 17.34.47It was a full week of eating, sleeping and sunbathing which I was very thankful for. And now it all just seems like a memory now I’m hiding under a fluffy blanket and dreading school tomorrow morning. What about you guys? Any of you escaping the cold and going somewhere nice? For your sake I hope so.

Holly xo


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