So… you’ve stumbled upon my own little part of the internet; unfortunately I can’t promise quality content, but I don’t take myself very seriously so you might get a laugh.

The best way to get to know me? Follow me on social media:
Twitter – @humblehollywood
Instagram – @humblehollywood
Or better yet, follow the blog, there’s a button somewhere for that.

But in short, I’m a (not so typical) business student in need of a hobby; blogging about lifestyle, travel, fashion and well everything really… you could say I’m yet to discover my niche.

HUMBLE HOLLYWOOD kinda came from nowhere, the alliteration rolled off the tongue and humble reminds me of Charlotte’s Web, which makes me happy. But in general it’s fitting – living in central Scotland I’m a far cry from Hollywood anyway. Nothing like a little oxymoron to get the ball rolling.

Anyway, that’s me, and if (for some strange reason) this dazzling welcome message has made you want to read more, then feel free to take a leisurely peruse though my favourite little bit of internet.


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